3rd ICTG - Overall Programme Overview UPDATED

3rd ICTG - Programme UPDATED

Theme 01: Optimized Geomaterial (including hydraulically bound materials and asphalt mixtures): Use, Reuse and Recycling
– T. Edil, N. Consoli, A. Dawson
Theme 02: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Transportation Geotechnics – D. Toll, E. Alonso, C. Zapata
Theme 03: Foundations and Earth Structures – A. Gomes Correia, H. Brandl, R. Hofmann
Theme 04: Slope Stability, Stabilisation, and Asset Management – S. Glendinning, P. Hughes
Theme 05: Mechanistic-empirical Design (road, railways and airfields) – C. Schwartz, D. Brill, S. Costa d’Aguiar, Erol Tutumler
Theme 06: Rail Track Substructures, including Transition Zones – W. Powrie, M. Shahim
Theme 07: Subsurface Sensing for Transportation Infrastructure – S. Nazarian, A. Loizos
Theme 08: Macro and Nanotechnology applied to Transportation Geotechnics – M. Alves, J.M. Fleureau
Theme 09: Sustainability in Transportation Geotechnics – I. Al-Qadi, M. Winter, D. Basu
Theme 10: Case Histories – J. Koseki, J. Oliveira, J. Liu